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Spice up all the senses !

Everybody knows that the smell of a freshly baked apple pie increases the chance of selling a house. Scent marketing applies this basic principle to a commercial setting, influencing customer behavior by addressing the sense of smell – perhaps the most powerful and certainly the most underrated of our senses.

Traditionally, in-store marketing focuses on sight and hearing to influence customer behavior. With the recent advances in scent marketing however, you can add a third sense to the mix. And a powerful one at that, because what we smell directly affects our mood. Whether you want to boost the shopping experience in a chain of supermarkets  or mask unpleasant odors in a specific location (e.g. a dentist's waiting room): scent does the trick.

Why it works

The reason why smell is so compelling, goes way back: like most mammals, humans relied on their sense of smell for survival. Although in this day and age, smell plays a less important role, research shows it still affects us deeply, triggering emotions and even memories. Part of this impact can be attributed to the direct connection of the olfactory (smell) and limbic (emotions and memories) systems within the brain. Simply put: smell has a hotline to our emotions. Additionally, people instinctively associate smells with experiences, either positive or negative. This phenomenon – the Proust effect – is one of the principles that scent marketing builds upon to impact customers.

It just makes sense

All in all, it just makes sense to opt for scent marketing. By carefully selecting the right fragrances and combining smells with music and/or images, you can offer your clients a superior experience and influence their behavior. The Music Marketeers helps you to create that perfect in-store marketing mix; a mix that enhances your brand and entices your clients. You profit from years of experience, in-depth knowledge about target groups and technical solutions that combine ease-of-use with professional options and unparalleled flexibility. TMM: it just makes sense.

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make sense media offers scent-marketing solutions to a wide variety of branches. Our client-portfolio includes leading retail chains, such as Triumph, Stefanel, Komputronik, PTK Centertel, C&A, PPL (Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport), Real, Esprit and Marcpol Poland Learn More



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